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About Our Programmes

The idea behind the creation of ‘Movements’ probably wasn’t very original, but it was certainly overdue. Now that it is here we hope it will become a new community of sharing and support that cuts across conditions, cultures, social groups, patients and professionals, as well as national boundaries. A community, which looks to give everybody touched by life limiting conditions an opportunity to help themselves and each other by exchanging information, strategies and ideas, as well as a few hopes and dreams.

The Challenge

Being faced with a chronic condition is a major event in the life of anyone. Overcoming the challenge that it brings is an essential component in living successfully with this unexpected guest. An awareness of the help and support that together the market provides is a key element in facing up to what may be a new way of life for the sufferer, their family and their friends. ‘Movements’ intends to be that ‘bridge between commerce and care’.

You can become part of the Solution

‘Movements’ offers an information and strategy based programme that contains the tools for sufferers to successfully manage their condition in a way that is uniquely tailored to their situation..

‘Movements’ is also a fresh approach to participation in a shared strategy for self-care, using an awareness of the various types of care and support that is available’. Living successfully with a chronic condition is a major life challenge. ‘Movements’ has been created to facilitate mutual support between everyone involved in either providing services for sufferers, or those individuals and their families who face challenges on a daily basis. It is a unique, all encompassing and cost effective, solution to raising awareness about everyone who has a role to play in the successful management of a chronic condition.

Developing awareness amongst sufferers and their families/carers, of the products and services that support them is an essential feature of the ‘Movements’ programme. All participants in the marketplace that provide the broadest range of products and services are ‘partners in care’ and as such deserve to be ‘profiled’ in as many ways as possible.

The ‘Movements’ approach to sharing ‘cross condition’ information and strategies empowers sufferers, their carer‘s, and everyone who provides products and services for each of the featured conditions.

Beginning with Beating Inflammatory Bowel Disease, each programme will be made available in as many formats as possible, and will have the capability of being ‘updated’ by those who take part.

About Our Books

Movements is growing its list of shorter positive reads. We aim to develop our range of 'Muffins' to inspire our readers. From mini-biographies to covering a wide range of subjects that will open eyes and minds, as well as feature heart rending stories of triumph over adversity. We hope that all of our titles will lead the reader to want to know more - and maybe change their life, just a little, in response

About Our Publishing Services

If you have an encouraging story in you that you wish to share via either digital publishing or a short run paperback we may be able to help you for a fixed fee. Should you want to know more, please get in touch via the contact button